Friday, March 09, 2007

weekly news...

I've been busy over on this side of the world. I got the sub call on Weds. 1st graders! Can you say...OH....MY...GOSH!!!!! It was the longest day ever! I even had one "angel" chuck his pencil at me! It was the first time I had to leave a bad report on a class that I subbed for. It was all boys except for these 4 little girls. What a day! Yesterday and today I am back in the land of the big people! High School! I had a good day yesterday. Today is Friday here and I have to sub again for High School. Should go by pretty fast.
On a quilty note...remember that flag wall hanging I made a couple of months ago?? Well I started making one for Walker Tiki. I got the top done, all the points matched beautifully. When I started to quilt it on the machine, horror of horrors, my back was all bunched up. I started picking it out last night. I was so disgusted by what I did that I put it away for awhile. I need to get it to her before the 4th of July!! Don't worry Walker Tiki...I'm gonna "get her done!!"
Alright, I gotta go and get the kiddos up and moving. Everyone have a wonderful weekend!!!


Jenna said...

I'm not too worried about it!!! It's just SO sweet of you to do it for me!!=) Have a great day teaching high school. We need to get together sometime soon!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hi, been catching up on your last 6 weeks. So sorry you were sick for the anniversary dinner, that would nearly kill me! Loved your hubs dancing on the table Will Smith impersonation!-and that daughter needs to be protected by that big daddy. What a lovely family you have, well worth applying yourself 18 years ago, as the good ones are! Cheers, tracey-ps can't find why downstairs Jen went to the "bighouse", presuming not jail!!

Lauren The Artist said...

First graders rock!!! In a "where's-my-vitamins" kinda way.