Monday, March 05, 2007

Karaoke!!! Part II of our night out

Okay, here is part two of Bylow's going away. After dinner we all went to a Karaoke place.! We had so much fun!! Everyone gets their own room so you don't have to get up and embarrass yourself in front of a bunch of strangers. There is a wall of tv's all bunched up together with the words to the songs on it. You get a big book of songs and a small hand held computer thingie to plug in the number of the song you want to sing. All of us were busy trying to find a song we could do and not bring the walls down. We only had two hours and the clock was ticking...who would be first...who is the bravest of the brave...da da da da....My Capt!!!!
Yep, he's on the table folks!! It was on after that! We were all grabbing the book and wanting to be next.

Go big daddy!!!

Next and my man doing a little Olivia Newton John and John Travolta...I've got chills they're multiplyin..and I'm loosin' control....and my heart is set on you!!!

Are we cute or what??!!!

Here's the man of the night...Bylow!

Walker Rob and Bylow gettin' jiggy wit' it!!

Even the Col took one for the go Sir!!!

Heeeeeeeeeeerrrrrreeee's Walker Rob and Walker Jen doin' the dance of love!!
Looking good girlfriend!

My Capt again...Yep I swooned!

Our men...

Here is the whole gang at the end of the night...tired but happy. The babysitters were much appreciated! Hope everyone else out there had as good a weekend as I did!!


Lauren The Artist said...

Man, I AM a great singer. Who would have guessed it. Hee hee. I wonder what Simon Cowell would say?? ~jen~

Jenna said...

Ok, did you have just as many beers as Jen did?? I'm so glad that you all had a great time!

Rebekah said...

You go girl!!!! I won't ask if drinks were involved!!!