Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The house is still standing!!

The Capt has always wanted one of the table grills that they sell here. Whenever we go out to a beef and leaf you use one of these to cook your own food right there in front of you. We love them!!! Today when I took my mom out to Home Plus she decided the Capt...since he's not feeling well...MUST HAVE A GRILL!! We got all the equipment to go with it and some bul-go-gi meat to have for dinner is the set up.Of course the instructions were all in Korean so we decided to look at the pictures and wing it. You open up the side and put in the canister of gas. You press it into a sharp ummmmm "thingie" so it will get pierced and then turn it on.Since flammable gas and her daughter were involved Grandma A-Go-Go had this.....A fire extinguisher...think she knows me????Wouldn't you know the grill wouldn't light with the long lighter we had ready! Grandma A-Go-Go said to ask the gate guard. With gleaming eyes...cause you know I love a photo op!...we headed across the street. Here is the gate guard explaining how it works and that you ARE NOT to use the lighter! It will light on its own and "my God woman! Do you want to kill us all???" :)
Success!! Look at these hungry kiddos waiting for some dinner.
Grandma's first taste of bul-go-gi...She loved it!!!
Everyone is full and happy.
Here is middle daughter and one of her it's not the boy. He is still far far away much to the Capt's delight. Stay tuned for tomorrows episode of
FUN AT THE FABRIC STORE............or............


Lauren The Artist said...

Woah- that is very very cool. Maybe I'll have to swing by homeplus, to keep up with The Jones' hee hee.


Kim said...

I found your site recently, and I love it! Your life in Korea is so interesting. My fiancé and I love Korean, and Bulgogi is my favorite. Might I beg you for the recipe? I've been using a random recipe I found online, and it's not quite right. I would so appreciate it!

Thanks again for your wonderful blog. I love it, and will come back often.

Jenna said...

That looks SO cool! We might have to get one of those before we leave, even though they probably have them up north too!! I still want to meet Grandma-a-Go-Go!!

Rebekah said...

Your Middle Girl is the prettiest girl I have ever seen...