Thursday, March 15, 2007


Last night after all the craziness had died down I got the full scoop on what happened at school with the bomb. Some girl had written on the stall in the bathroom "bomb at 3". The Awesome! staff at the kiddos school takes every threat like this one seriously, even though they have at least three a year, and decided to evacuate. Middle daughter said the evacuation order went out and they moved THE WHOLE school across from my building. As the kids were eating candy and high fiving each other cause this was testing week and they were taking full advantage of any and all excitement my two oldest decided to find each other. After they did they decided to check on the boo-bear to make sure she was okay and not scared. Can I tell you I love these kids! When all three were accounted for then they had some fun. But they got together first and checked on the boo-bear. I say again, I LOVE THESE KIDS!!!
I have to go now...they have to leave for school in 20 minutes and boo-bear is walking up and down the hall. She is the hardest to get going in the morning. Some days the oldest two are ready to go out the door and she walks out of her bedroom with pj's still on and her hair not done. I of course, being super momma, take these days in stride and lovingly help her along on the path to get-focused-ment. NOT!!!! Excuse me while I go and yell at my brood.
bye everyone!!!