Wednesday, March 14, 2007

thre fabric store and a FREAKIN BOMB THREAT!

The day started out great. Walker Jen, Tanya and I all decided to go to the fabric store. We started out at Starbucks and had this little bit of goodness...Then we got "our shop on"!!! Here is one of my favorite ladies. She sells the $2 a yard cuts. Here is Walker Jen making a major fabric purchase and another one of my favorite ladies. Her little booth is like a small quilt store. Here are some of the quilts that she's done. No, they aren't for sale. I asked. :)
Is this cute or what???!Here is a close up. You can take the people and animals out of their cars. This is a tea pot wall hanging.And I'll bet you'll never get what this quilted contraption is....yep...a maxi pad! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha She told Walker Jen you just wash it and reuse. EWWWWWWWWW!
Here is a country girl bag holder.
This store was on the way to Starbucks and we found the matching underwear just hilarious. And read the says "The shopping which is happy do with LePee together". BwaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Everybody needs a little Saturday Night Fever action in their day!
Back to my fabric the right is one of my favorite booths. We find her first every time.
A shot of miles and miles of fabric....wipe the drool off people!!! :)
We left happy and broke. Little did we know what awaited us on base. We left the fabric store and went to go pick up Walker Jens son and Tanyas daughter. That's when it all went horribly the next post......send chocolate!!!


Bobbie aka Mimi of 3 said...

I love the pictures of the fabric market ... they brought back some wonderful memories of our Christmas trip. I'll be back in July - just hope that Ms. Tiki finds a fabric market at the new place ... I can only guess how panicked you were with the bomb threat but I'm guessing that everything is okay now and that all your kiddos were found safe and sound. Your pictures are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Hi! My first trip to your blog. Great to see a bit about quilting things in other places. I am commenting here about the cute little train quilt as I have it earmarked in a book I have and thought you may like the reference. It's called Play Quilts
Creative Activity Quilts for Kids by Kristin Kolstad Addison. It is Patchwork Place book I bought in Australia so don't know if it is printed in any other form. Hope this is of interest to you as I just love the play idea of a quilt. Maybe in the years to come I will make it for any Grandchildren that may come into our life.