Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Well folks, here she is.....GRANDMA A-GO-GO!
What a first day! We got up early and since the elementary kids had the day off from school due to a teachers day we took Boo-Bear and Jenny-Benny out with us. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts and had breakfast.

Sarah and Jennifer
Then we hit downtown. Grandma A-GO-GO having her first taste of kimche. :) EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! She said it wasn't bad and she didn't hate it but it's not something she'll eat all the time. What a trooper!
pickled cucumber
This is the very first taste of real Korean food. I took her to a place that I've eaten at and knew the food wouldn't give you Montezuma's revenge... :)

1st taste of Korean food

We took the girls shopping and met this sweet lady. Jenny-Benny is Korean and speaks the language great so she is our interpreter. The lady was fascinated that my mom came all the way to visit and loved Boo-Bear. Here is my mom looking at the watches and thinking about which one to get. The sweet lady even gave boo-bear and Jenny-Benny free necklaces!!!!!
Grandma, Sarah, Jennifer and nice store lady


bling-a -ling


Saw this site as we were walking around. Here is a guy on a moped with a bunch of brooms laid sideways. Who do you think he'll knock down first????
It was a great shopping day. I'll post some pictures of us in our Rockin' Hot Shades later on today. We got a bunch of stuff. She got her first purse! That is one of the things you have to get if you come here. Today we are tackling E-Mart! Thanks to everyone who wrote to say hi to us!!!! Love to Aunt Joanie!!!


Lauren The Artist said...

Go Granny! Kimchi and Korean food on the first day! I'm glad you made it here safely. My mom's coming out (solo) this summer and she's very interested to hear how your trip goes. So far so good! And free bling. Viva Korea!!


Jenna said...

So glad that your Mom loved the shopping and food!! I hope she enjoys e-mart just as much as we do!! My Mom loved it and loved taking pictures...that you're not supposed to take =)! I hope to meet her soon.

Aunt Joan said...

You go girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eating different foods and looking at bling Happiness***************
Who loves ya baby, that's right Joanie Bologna. Can't wait to read the next adventure.
Love ya

Rebekah said...

Much smiling and envy coming from Texas! I wanna be there! Love you and have the bestest time ever!