Saturday, March 24, 2007

Girls night out...and a chance to show how smart I am!!

Had a girls night out last night. We went to see Dreamgirls. Now I am going around the house singing Effies song "I'm not going" in a voice several octaves lower then normal. heehee the hubby has asked me to stop repeatedly but I just can't seem to. And, and I only know that one line..."I'm not going". Good times!!! I went with Walker Leigh and two other ladies I hadn't met yet. Walker Jen was supposed to go but movies aren't her thing...I think she just wanted a night of love with her Major!! :) You go Jen!!! There were no pre-movie margaritas but maybe a pre-movie glass of wine. There was something that happened that made me go hmmmmm. Walker Leigh's hubby asked what my hubby did here in Korea. I answered him "umm-hmm-umm-hmmm". Pretty intelligent don't ya think!? AUGH!!!! Now before you scratch your head and ask why I have no idea what the Capt does with his days. I do have some's just he has done so many different things over the years that I lose track. Each base we go to he gets a different job...and they are all sooooooooo involved. When we move to a new place he sits me down to tell me what he does so these kinds of things don't happen to me but I get so distracted...I mean there are shiny lights outside and birds chirping and naked Korean men to look at!! When I talk to the other wives they all know what "their" men do. I am so in awe of them that they can keep all the acronyms in order and actually know what they mean. The conversations usually go like this...

In the know wife..."my hubby works in USAF for the 46th on the 25th for the JROTCVM". Smiles contentedly.

Next in the know wife..."oh yes, I seem to remember my Herbert saying he worked with him during the 15 JSTMF 15th." Smiles contentedly.

My turn....."hamina...hmmm...hamina...oh look! Shiny lights......Naked Korean man alert" blushes furiously as other wives look at me astonished. "Do you not know what your husband does dear"? This asked usually by the Head Honcho Wife. SIGH!!!
Last night I came up with what I think of as Witty Banter for Walker Leigh's hubby. I told him that I was sure my husband did something in Korea. As I was telling the Capt what happened and he is looking at me in horrified silence replaying in his mind what Walker Leighs hubby was thinking about me, I reassured him that I was extremely charming so he probably overlooked my not knowing anything about anything. My Capt says, "But D I tell you all the time what I do!! I talk to you about my day EVERY NIGHT!!!" And another huge sigh!!!
I just smiled and sang to him...."I'm not gooooooing". heehee


Jenna said...

So glad that you had such a good time! I wished I could have gone too =(. My MAJ didn't get home until 9:15. Oh well. Just so you know....all I say my MAJ does is play with trucks, trains and airplanes. Usually that ends the conversation with much laughter!

Lauren The Artist said...

I was going to say, when Army people ask what my USAF guy does it usually involves:

them: "Oh, he's in the USAF, does he fly?"

me: "Yes, he flies a desk. He's a CHair-borne Ranger, first in his class."

done. love it. I'm glad you had fun at the movies. If its any concellation, I cannot hear you singing from my place. :) SING LOUDER. hee hee