Saturday, March 31, 2007

Night out on the town...

We decided that even though we are going to Osan tomorrow and even though that's a three hour drive...we decided to take my mom out on the town. :)

Here she is in her first cab ride. :)Guess where we went???? yep! Outback!! Guess who treated us?? My daddy who is in Chicago right now happy and unaware...heehee thanks dad!! We had a great time and did a toast to your goodness and generosity.We were having such a great time that the waiter let us take a picture of him. He fixed his hair and did his best " I am tough" pose. Then they came by and took pictures of us and gave them to us for free!!!!! Hurray!! Free stuff!!!When we finished dinner we took a walk downtown cause it had been a whole three hours since my mom had shopped and bought anything. heehee I'll make sure to post all the pics of our Osan trip by Sunday. So far shes sent off two huge!!!! boxes home.
Viva' La Korea!!!


Jenna said...

Yum-Outback!! You gotta love it!! Hope she found some treasures walking around downtown. Have a ton of fun in Osan. Remember that you'll have to come visit me when we move! So glad that you are having so much fun with Grandma-a-Go-Go

Aunt Joan said...

It took a trip to Korea to go down under??????????
You are very funny sister. So glad you are having fun, But who wouldn't with that Dawn Marie eh?
Love you guys,
(You are a Grandma -a Go Go)

Allie said...

looks like she is having a fun time! Love the posing waiter LOL

Cynthia said...

looks like your mum is enjoying her visit. Has she been there before?