Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Searching for Greatness...whatever that is. with a message attached. :)
I was telling someone that a couple of things just "do it" for me. Making a hot meal for my family, listening to the news about their day, greeting my husband after a long day at work. Seems like simple things to the every day person. Someone asked me today if I ever longed to do something great. Here is what I'm thinking. There are people who are meant to do great things in the eyes of the world. Then there are people who notice greatness in others, you notice it, you nurture it, you help them to see it, you believe in them, give words of encouragement when needed. Simple things. But let me ask you. Who has achieved greatness? The one who was great in the eyes of the world?? Or the one who helps others to see the greatness in themselves??

To me being "Simply a Momma" is the greatest thing of all.


Anonymous said...

When I see what my children achieve I know being Mom was the greatest role I've ever had...what a privilege.
So fun to share all your adventures with your Mom! Glad you're having a great time.

AVIDINHA said...

as far as i'm concerned the GREATEST thing any woman can be is "mom"

Jenna said...

I'd have to agree with you about being the best wife and Mom I can be.

Thanks for the color! I'm not sure about next week as I'm having surgery on Monday and will come back here on Tuesday. Maybe we could do lunch or something like that. I can't over do it.

Rebekah said...

You tell it girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Immediately after I logged on Jacob asked " that grandmaaaaa?.." Apparently they have a great memory, because Mom never comes to visit me. In fact I'm glad he reminded me who she was, I almost mistaked her for a Korean...

Aside from being probably the only member of the family thats never been loved or visited or anything of that sort...I'm glad you two are having such a good time. I'm probably being the bigger person about the whole issue, but that's how I roll.

After careful review of the pictures, I'm betting this is going to be a trip you'll never forget mom. I can still call you mom right?

Dawn your kids are awesome. I don't get on as much lately due to work, but I love stopping be to see how you all are doing.

So, tell the Korean woman, who resembles my birth vessel that I hope she has a safe trip back to Chicago!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

As you can probably tell if you read my post from a few days ago, I am right there with you.
It's like a quote I was told a few years ago, "No-one ever lay on their deathbed and said 'I wish I'd worked more!"
The miracles and the greatness are in the living of your life, not some future search.
So pleased you are having fun with Mum, she looks proud of her doll. what kind of prices are we talking again for the fabric and the quilt? Cheers, Tracey