Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Day out with Walker's Jen and Leigh...

Went out today with Walker Jen and Walker Leigh. We first hit one of my favorite places...E-Mart. It's kind of like a really big Super Wal-mart. As soon as we get there I got this picture before a store employee came running over to tell me "no pictures". So I did the only thing I could do.....I snuck. :)
We couldn't let this picture go. I got the camera..Walker Leigh was the look-out and she acted like we were going to buy something so I could whip out the ole'camera and get this shot. It's a hat. You can only wear it if you're a "ROCKSTART" No plain ole' rockstars here people!!!
After that bit of subterfuge we went over to check out the food section. Here you can see all the employees getting together at the beginning of the shift. Sometimes the Hokey Pokey will come over the speakers and they will all do the dance. This time it looked like they were praying...probably for me to put the camera away already!
Do the hokey pokey
Next we got hungry so all of us piled in the van and went downtown for lunch. Here is one of the things I got....yaki-mondu. The slop in the middle is cabbage with a really really hot red sauce on it. Walker Jen braved a taste and said she didn't like it to much. That woman can eat some hot!!! stuff!!
Here is our freebie for the day. A coke with three straws! I love it here!!!
our freebie for today
This is what Walker Jen and Walker Leigh got for lunch...bul-go-gi. It's a meat dish and it's one of my favorites. Yumm!!!
When we left the restaurant Walker Leigh saw this sign...Love the way Japanese is spelled!
On the way home we see this wonderful site...what is it you ask??????? If it would've been a dead body can you imagine the post I could've written??? Instead it was...........................
what is it??!
DINNER!!!!! Yep people this is how you get your pork here. They pull up in a u-haul and deiliver it to your door. If you're really lucky you can get the fat trimmed off right there by the truck and they will throw it in the gutter. Now that I think about it...who do you think washes this guys work clothes????????????????????????????????????????Just another day here in paradise... :)


Lauren The Artist said...

Good times! ~jen~

Rebekah said...

Hey girl...I am here still alive and well! Things have been beyond hectic lately and if I ever get the chance I have a million things to post! I miss you! Give your mom a hug for me too...I am so happy you get to visit with your mom! Your dad remains in our prayers! We love you all! Rebekah

AVIDINHA said...

you should be a spy dawn!

Jenna said...

First and foremost...a big THANK YOU for my beautiful quilt!! I got it yesterday and I just LOVE it!!! We'll have to run around and do something soon!