Monday, April 07, 2008

The Great Ya-Ya Weekend....part 1

I am back!!! I have three words to describe the trip.....restfull...wonderful....F-U-N!!! We had such a good time! Wanna hear all about it?? k! On Friday Walker Leigh picked up Paige and I. Just 4 short hours on the road, 28 songs sung loud and proud, dreams shared, hubbies talked over, children discussed... and we were at our hotel. The Dragon Hotel in Seoul is really nice. It is huge! and the view from our room was spectacular! We got all checked in, looked around, looked at each other, had lunch in a wonderful restaurant and then hit the spa! Paig-ee had a hair appt so Walker Leigh and I debated what to get done. We chose the 40 minute all over body massage. Two ladies came to get us. We went into a room that had three beds on it. On the first bed was a small Agimah getting her massage so I stood next to a bed and Leigh stood next to one. Then we awaited further instruction. Our ajashees (young women) came over with a small basket for each of us and told us to take off all clothes except our underwear. We looked around for a changing room filled with the all - covering towels. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. We looked at each other. The ajashees looked at us. Then they took matters in hand and quietly told us that it was okay. We were to undress right there in front of God and everyone and hop up on the table and then we would be covered. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. We looked at each other. The ajashees looked at us. I said, "right here?? In the open?? Just like this?? Right here?!" My ajashee said, quietly cause we were in the massage room...everything was said in a whisper..."yes, it's okay. Take off clothes." Hmmmmmmmmmm at that point someone whimpered. It may have been me. Then we got the giggles which was not appreciated by two ajashees trying to keep everything quiet and serene. It took exactly 4 hours to get everything off! hahahahahaha We looked at each other again and just decided to go for it. Why not?!?! When would we get the chance to have a a Seoul for goodness sakes!! Plus my blog fodder had sorely been lacking in anything decidedly upbeat the last couple of postings and I needed some material! Anyway, we get all undressed and then tried to suck everything in...think thin thoughts...and hop up on the table. First they massage every inch of your front then you roll on over and get your back done. As I was getting my front pulled, kneaded, rubbed and pulled some more the little lady next to me finished up. She hopped off of the table and took a look around. I saw her glance over at me. She was clearly fascinated by my toned tanned self. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yep! There I was, hanging out for all of Seoul to see! I just closed my eyes and again thought thin, skinny thoughts and tuned it all out!!
By the time the ajashee was finished with me I was a pile of goo. Warm fuzzy pink goo. The stress had long since waved the white flag and fled in defeat. She pushed every tired thought away. It was, in a word, wonderful. After we got finished they told us to sit up by the side of the bed so they could help us get dressed. Every have someone help you get your bra on??? Hmmmmmmmmmm it was ummmmm interesting! hahahahahaha They are so tiny I think they may have been a little curious about the hmmmmmmmmmmmm shall I just call then the Himalayas??! Bras on, we then had to stand up and get dressed. I felt drunk. Just all warm and fuzzy. We left our room and went to find Paig-ee. She took one look at us and said, "Good God!!" but in a good way. hahahahaha My hair was standing straight up and Walker Leigh had a dazed look in her eyes with her long locks all tousled and tossed. I think that may have been why the whole spa went quiet when we walked out. Paig-ee was still getting her hair worked on so Walker Leigh decided to get a new hairstyle. I went to the room to lay down.
After we got all beauti-fied we cleaned up and hit the shopping area. Then we came back to the room to get in PJ's and have cocktails. After a looong night of laughing and sharing it was decided by all that there was nothing.....absolutely nothing! that we didn't now know about each other. It was a perfect day. I think at some point it was talked over that we should probably go to sleep and that folks is all I remember til I woke up the next morning and burned Paig-ees eyes when I cracked the curtains open. Next, stay tuned for the Seoul Market Shopping Trip That Totally Ummmmmmmmmm Wasn't What We Expected! heehee and a picture of the perfect gift for the friend who has the No-Booty syndrome. :)


Chocolate Cat said...

Your stories are good for the soul! Your spa experience was so funny, wish I'd been there!!!! Can't wait to hear about the shopping.

Jeri said...

Chocolate cat, I totally got your comment! Good for the soul! LOL, get it good for the seoul? As in Korea! Haha

Anyway, Dawn, I would've loved to have been tucked in your luggage. You girls have so much fun together. I want to be a part of it, too.

Leigh said...

Walker Leigh here, the spa experience is something that I will never forget! All I remember saying, after looking at you with a very scared look, was, "I love you man! YA-YA!" And I was free of my clothes! And I would do it all over again!