Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sigh...Dooce, wherefore art thou Dooce??!

I have a dream. A secret wish. Something hidden deep in the recesses of my heart. Something that makes my soul sing and giggle and then sing and giggle some more. I want to be Dooce. Don't know her?? Where ya been?? She is a blogger. She is fab-u-lous and fierce all at the same time. (you may visit her at She has something I want more then anything...7,389 subscribers on bloglines. Can. You. Even. Imagine?? Oh, and she takes awesome photos of her dogs...Which I love more then anything. Sigh. I while the day away sometimes wondering what it would be like to be her. To walk down the street and have people fall prostrate before me. For people to secretly peek at me while I am at Starbucks ordering a (snicker) low fat machi/frapa/whip/twist coffee thingie and a totally non-fat carmelly cinnamon bun. (all the low fats are for the hubby who bemoans my ever increasing lack of exercise...or PT if you are in the Air Force) Again..sigh. I have a secret desire to be famous. Do you think I would get more readers if I told you all that right now I am in my jammies..under my covers..blogging..all the while trying to hide from my youngest who just, for the love of all that is good and holy, cannot get it together in the morning?? Would I get more subscribers if I confessed that the hubby (or the man who I am going to refer to now and forever more as "HE WHO SHALL BE REPLACED SOON WITH A POOL BOY NAMED PACO CAUSE HE DON'T PRE-CIATE THE PRECIOUS JEWEL HE MARRIED!) that we had us a fight last night over the marriage retreat our church is having this week. We did. I am still not speaking to him but I don't think he properly noticed this fact so when he comes home tonight I plan on being in the same room as him, sighing and lamenting and then sighing some more until he asks me what's wrong and then I can say to the room at large that I am no longer speaking to him and if he can't figure out why then I just can't help him anymore! Hmph.
Get it together, reflect, relate, release, cuum-by-ya.
Hmmmm Maybe if I posted more pics of my kiddos. They are pretty cute ya know.
Maybe I can write a book like Judy over at
Maybe if I held a contest to find my "one true love, Paco the pool boy, who totally understands the inner workings of my heart and soul. hmmmm
What to do what to do?? Maybe I can pretend to live is Australia like the wonderful Tracey over at Her life is pretty exciting. I know I could get at least 546 readers if I was like her.
Or maybe I could be a wonderfully talented designer like Walker Jen over at
This is a conundrum wrapped in an enigma.

wistful sigh....7,389 readers.


Chocolate Cat said...

Does it help if I say yours is the first blog I check each morning and I actually giggle out loud!!! that I've recommended it to a friend who can't thread a needle and doesn't know what a blog is and told her you are good for the soul, that you make me and my family feel very normal!!!! Do you really think you could keep up with the pool boy??

The Jen said...

Reader number 9,275 says "Thanks for the props" I have a few subscribers, so I also have a few more to go before I get to 7,000. Love the blog and thanks for the props. (PROPS- Isn't that what cool kids say?... um... 10 yrs ago???) hehehe.


Leigh said...

I don't think that the pool boy could keep up Dawn!