Thursday, April 24, 2008

My buddy...

During the week the Walkers Jen and Leigh and I get together to sew...go out for lunch...explore Korea...spend us some Wons at the stuff.
Walker Jen still has a kiddo at home. This guy over here to the left. He comes with us whenever he is not at daycare/school.
I love this kid. Yep. I do. He has my heart in his cute little hands and has since the moment he grinned at me and said in his little boy voice that he liked me. I melted all over the rug, made promises to buy him things, then followed him around the house giggling at the things he said. He had a fan. It was me.

I mean, can YOU resist this face??? We usually start our day out by going for coffee and fortifying ourselves with a muffin or a donut. This cutie and I share. For some reason my food tastes best. Honestly people, alls he has to do is look at my donut and I hand it over just to see him grin. It gets me every time.

I totally think that Walker Jen should face facts...he and I are meant to be together. The other day, when we were at the fabric market, I took his little hand in mine and we went to the convenience store on the bottom floor while the "Walkers" shopped. I told him he could have whatever he wanted. I couldn't help it. When we walked in the door he looked at me with the biggest smile that the words "whatever you want" practically flew out of my mouth. He picked a snack and a martian.....

As we were leaving to find his momma, he was chattering about boy-stuff and I was all "Oh really??" and "Uh-huh" that's when it hit me. This little guy would be leaving in a couple of weeks due to his daddy getting a new assignment. No more sharing muffins. No more sharing donuts. No more hugs when he sees me. No more telling me all about the world.

I am so gonna miss you Buddy.


The Jen said...

He's too young to understand that you won't be at the next base. I'm sure he'll be very confused. I'll have to save the blog post for him, for when he's old enough to read. Thank you so much for being such a great friend to me, and to Ry. ~jen~

Leigh said...

Have I said that I hate moving. This move will be the hardest. But we have the computer and our Vonage phone!