Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An Open Letter To My Father...otherwise known as the time you move along if you don't have tissue handy!!

Dearest Daddy,
Tonight while I was kissing Boo-Bear goodnight she says to me.. "remember that time Grandpa came to visit and he let me sit in his lap, outside on the balcony, and look at all his crinkles??" Then, while I am trying to catch my breath, because at that moment I missed you so much I couldn't breath, she says to me...all quiet like... "I miss him."
After she was all tucked and kissed I went in the living room and remembered the time I left on a jet plane for the States while you and mom had to stay behind in Sicily. I was all of 18 years old and felt I was grown and knew all there was to know. There was no stopping me. Tonight I remembered that as I was going to the gate I turned and looked at you. You had this look on your face of well...just bewilderment. I am sure you wondered what you had done wrong in a prior life to get such a "prize" as I was that year. Mom wouldn't let you give up on me. For that I am eternally grateful because now we have wonderful times. I have grown up. Had a couple of kiddos myself and know in my heart you did the best you could. For that I love you. You know what my biggest regret is?? That while I was there, visiting you after your surgery, that I didn't...wait for it...I didn't rake those leaves!!! (private joke) Save some for me okay. I will be there in June. I will rake leaves like there is no tomorrow. I will vacuum and when you point out a spot that I've missed that is no bigger then an atom?? Well I will vacuum that darned thing with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. I'm so sorry that this darn chemo has gotten you down. I wish I could be there now. I am thankful every day that our next assignment is only a mere 5 hours from you guys. What I'm trying to say My Daddy is hang on...your little girl is coming home.
p.s. Give mom an extra hug tonight cause without her none of us would get through the tough times...well we would but it would be twice as hard!


Anonymous said...

I needed a good cry this morning! You are truly and ANGEL!
Thank You Dawn!
Mom's BFF in Michigan

Chocolate Cat said...

Glad you warned me I needed the tissues, only problem I was at work! I still miss my Dad and have moments like this that hit me like a sledgehammer out of left field.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Thank you for loving your father unconditionally. You're awesome.

The Jen said...

Love the "crinkles" and I bet you gave him every last one! ~jen~