Monday, April 21, 2008

The Move.....

We are getting ourselves geared up for the big move. You know the one, the one where we move to Ohio. FROM KOREA. Oh yeah, I'm excited. Bleck! We should be getting our orders this week(it is a piece of paper that officially says we are moving) and then things will be a rockin and a rollin. We will have appts. Many many appts. There are tickets to buy. Logistics to work my leaving before my men so we can get these animals out before it gets to long the girls and I will stay at the rents' house waiting for them to pick up the van in Seattle and drive it across the country. So many things to little time. The first thing a military wife does when there is an impending move is to do the purge/clean. This is where you go through every room in your house to see what you are taking, what goes to the thrift store and what gets thrown away. I usually do a room a week. One day to think about it. One day to do it. 5 days to rest up. :) See we only get to move a certain amount of pounds. When you live overseas they take into account how long your spouse has been in...their long you've been overseas. Every pound over we have to pay for. If you've read my blog for any amount of time you know I have a sickness called Boughtalotoffabric-itis. Fabric is heavy folks. I need to get rid of a little bit of poundage (and not on my behinny heeheeheeheehee) so that no one looks twice at all of my bins. My hubby has been wincing every time he goes past the Bins Of Wonderfullness. I decided to go through all of the magazines I've accumulated here and take out just the projects I will be wanting to do in the future. Then last week I decided to go through the bedrooms. While I was deciding which one to do first I got a tad overwhelmed. This is a normal reaction to an move, I assure you. Any military wife gets a little overwhelmed during move time. This is because the hubby will decide "He" has a ton of stuff to do at work and could you please just handle everything while he stays at work til 7 every night. When I could feel myself getting overwhelmed I went and sat by my fabric. Then I took out a few pieces and folded it. Then I talked to it and told it how much I loved it and how pretty it was. Theeeen my kids all left me to go to parts unknown cause mom was loosin it. Works every time! kidding! What I really did was to decide that since we don't have paper orders yet I should just wait. Wait til The Capt comes home with all those copies of the letter saying we are moving and then tackle it. I have about 3 weeks before the movers come so I have at least a week of down time before I hit it and hit it hard. Hmmmm What to do?? I know! I started a new quilt. This is going to be my moving from Korea quilt. It has been so much fun to work on!!! I love everything about it...from the colors to how the blocks are turning out. There is no greater balm for my soul then to sit at that sewing machine, with some lovely music going all while I quilt the day away. As soon as the hubby goes to work this morning I'll take some pictures of how the block is turning out. Right now he is all in a huff cause he is trying to get ready for work and we have to take the van to the body shop cause someone rammed into him the other day. Also the kiddos are extra needy today since it's Monday and he can't understand why I am not catering to them all. I told him I needed to do some online banking. See when I do my banking online everyone leaves me alone for some reason. I have had ten minutes of bliss while he barks orders to all from Mt. High. If I hooked the camera up to the puter' he would totally know that I was blogging. :) Gotta be sneaky round these parts some times!
If you ever wanted to know what a military spouse goes through during a move then stick around. Today is your lucky day!! I plan on blogging all about it the next couple of weeks. It's also a great way to get sympathy!! hahahaha
Have a great Monday everyone!!


Judy Laquidara said...

Oh, yes . . you can get sympathy from your friends here. You have a BIG job ahead of you and lots of sympathy will be needed! :)

The Jen said...

Girlfriend, that was a LONG paragraph. And yes, I'm purging all sorts of stuff. I threw out an old dresser and the no-longer-sits-square entertainment center is heading out next. That doesn't take into acct all the clothes that the kids have outgrown. And hello- I'll have plenty of room for the fabric now!! HAHA. I cannot wait to see your moving-from-Korea quilt. Packers come to our place Friday morning! ~jen~