Sunday, April 13, 2008

So here is my empty balcony...the one to the left. I woke the two oldest kids at the ungodly hour of 10:30am Saturday to help me move stuff. They were less then thrilled but we got the job done.
Here is what used to be our computer room. It is full. Full. Really really full.
This is the cutie pie who helped move the "big" stuff. He is showing his muscles in case I forgot they were there. heehee I didn't.
Please overlook the mess as I am going for good reporting here and wanted to journal the whole debacle from start to finish.
Here is my macho man bringing the couch in from the balcony to the right. I sit out there and survey all the happenings while having a cup of coffee. I love this balcony. is no more.
This is what a person with OCD does when her computer room is chocked full of "stuff"....she shuts the door and pretends all is well. (the batting on the wall is my design wall area for my quilts. )

Tomorrow I will attempt to get pictures of adashis as they pillage and plunder and drill and hammer. I will try to do this incognito. :)


Chocolate Cat said...

I am impressed! You have cleared it and ahead of time and you had all the family help! You are truly amazing and while the door to the computer room stays shut you can forget it ever happened!!!!!!!

Rebekah said...

So funny that the Macho Man Major is wearing a nice sweater with jammy pants! Hee HEe! I saw it!!!

The Jen said...

Yes, that doesn't look like fun at all. The housing office DEFINITELY should have asked you if you, Mrs Maj-Select wanted this new a/c or whatever they're putting out there. I'm quite impressed that you do not have HAZ-MAT signs on the computer room door. =)


Leigh said...

You did well. And yes, I too, did notice Mr. Man's very fasionable jammie pants!