Friday, April 04, 2008

Ya-Ya Weekend is here!!

Yesterday, while I was hanging out of my window looking at the scaffolding go up I turned around and saw my dog. She was peeking around my bed, looking at me annnnd shaking. Yep. She knows I have lost it and she is going to go down with me cause that's how we roll in this family. Nobody goes to the crazy farm alone here at Chez' Owens folks!!! hahahaha I knew then, truly knew, that I needed a weekend with my girls. This morning I am packed, perfumed, legs shaved, cute yellow track suit on, hair done with a snappy hair bow on, dollars, won...I gots it all guys! The "GREAT YA-YA WEEKEND IS HERE!!" Paig-ee should be here any minute and we will take our cute selves downstairs to await Walker Leigh. She stopped at Burger King for two Number 1's and will be our designated driver today. We will get to Seoul in a couple of hours, check in, look around and then...........................hit the town! Walker Jen is gallivanting around Japan with a college friend but should be at the same hotel we are staying in tonight. That means a cocktail or two. I will be able to be with the girls, have a cocktail or three (notice how the number has gone up?) and it will be bliss...sweet bliss.
The whole family is glad I am a-leaving on this rejuvenating trip. They know, as do I, that really this whole audashi-scaffolding thing is not the real issue. It is my daddy and being so far away when I really want to be there cleaning out his tracheotomy and vacuuming for him and just staring at him with little pink hearts in my eyes. I miss him darn it and I ain't ashamed to say it! This is the way with the women in our family. Lose a limb?? We are there to attach it. Cut an artery?? We will sew it back together. Then, after about a week it hits. Someone leaves a cupboard open and we cry. The hubby comes home late for work three days in a row and we just know he is unhappy with us (me) (all while he backs slowly away from the crazy lady) and we cry. We are good in a crunch, so good it's scary, but we have to have a breakdown later. Please send sympathy pains to the hubby. He handles all my many moods with the calmness of the ages. I am off now, Paig-ee is here. Nirvana people. Sweet Sweet Nirvana.


Chocolate Cat said...

Enjoy your YA-YA weekend, you sure deserve it! Make that 4 cocktails not 3!!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Oh and I could knock off quite a few as well, so hope you are having some for me!!
Love your recent posts, keeping it real sister! We all have those moments, but love the dear annoying little fellows none the less, Tracey