Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Okay I'm back... on to part 3

Now...where was I?? Oh yes..we had made it downtown. One of the things we wanted to do was to see all there was to see at the Seoul City Market. We had heard it was miles and miles of wondrous things and we three love us some wondrous things. We get to our stop, hop off the subway train and walk up the stairs expecting to see the market. We see one of the busiest streets ever known to man. There were cars and buses and trucks and people and noise. Had we taken a subway to New York??!

Walker Leigh takes a look at the map, assures herself we are in the right place and then she contemplates what to do next. Paig-ee and I stand quietly awaiting orders. We decide to do the point and ask thingie with the map.

A man tells us we are in the right spot we just need to walk about a block ahead of the light and then we will be in it. He keeps saying "market sooo big! Market sooo big!"

He was right. It was big. It had buildings...and streets...and miles upon miles of stuff. Oh, and did I mention the people?? There were people everywhere. I started to get the stirrings of some claustrophobia. The three of us got quiet.

We wanted to find some fabric as we had heard through the grape vine that there was a place in the market that had 5 floors of fabric and notions. Here it is.....Leigh checked the alignment of the stars and found it with no problem. It was 5 huge floors of this stuff. We got even quieter.

Around this time we lie! Walker Jen!!! She had a friend from college visiting and they had just gotten back from exploring Tokyo and were now exploring Seoul. We were very nice to the friend even though she was totally "the other woman" and was taking our Jen time. :) Just kidding!!! She was lovely!! We chatted for a few minutes and then they were off to see a couple of temples. We on the other hand turned a corner and saw this.....

One question.....why? Who made this and why??? Did they have "No Bootie Syndrome"????? It was in a stall full of underwear so I'm thinking that that's what they were. If anyone needs a pair I'm your gal! I can ship them no problem-o!

We turned another corner and came across miles and miles of these things......ribbon and thread. Miles and miles and miles and miles of it. By now we all had a look of desperation about us and no one was talking at all. We were overwhelmed and wanted to leave but no one wanted to be the "Whiny Ya-Ya" so we were all just trudging along.

Finally after walking for 80 years, one of us..not sure who...said "are we enjoying this??" Then we all sighed a huge sigh of relief and decided to get the heck out of dodge! We didn't take the subway either!! We got a cab! We had the cabbie take us to a much smaller market to do some shopping because the only purchase was a small spool of ribbon and that just wasn't done. We get out of the cab...look at each other...aaaannnnddd head to Outback for some lunch! Now we're talking! After lunch we dropped Paig-ee off for a nap and went to the sitting area in the hotel to read and people watch. We were gearing up for a night of sharing. It was to be the "GREAT SHARE SECRET-A-THON"

to be continued....


Leigh said...

Just rereading the parts about the market and the craziness, I started to feel a twitch!

Pam said...

pea green with envy ~~ 5 floors of fabric, notions and bliss....whoo hoo!!

Am enjoying your Ya-Ya weekend...memories to hold you as you all head for different parts of the world soon....make as many memories as you can and tell all the secrets you can...the cement of Ya-Ya-ism