Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sometimes You Gots To Dance!!

In the morning the hubby and my chilren' all listen to different music. Loudly. Did I say loudly?? I sit on the bed and catch up on my blog perusing all the while they try to out do each other with how loud their music can be. Usually when I hear a song I like, I stay on my bed and let my arms do my dancing for me much to the amusement of my kiddos. There are even times when I try to sing along to whatever the "song of the moment" is.
Other times, other glorious times, the music gets in me. It permeates my soul. It starts to vibrate in my toes and I just gotta dance. It can't be helped. There I am, minding my own business, reading all about "you "and "your" lives, when it happens. My feet need to bust a move. Usually I need to go in the hallway and do the running man (remember that one??) much to the horror of my children. I let loose people...waaaaaay loose! I drop like it's hot. I jiggy with it. I pop. I lock. My flow gets to go. I am one with the tunes, man.
Today, while I was getting my groove on, one of my little darlings (hmph!) told me to never EVER do that again.

I plan on doing it tonight when her boyfriend is over. :)

I dance, therefore I am.


My Thanh said...

Hah, you show 'em you're one hot mamma! My kids are in the, "Please dont' sing anymore! Your voice is so horrible we're going to have nightmares, aaaah!" phase. They like it when I shake my booty around to the music, though.