Thursday, April 10, 2008


It was Saturday night in one of the nicest hotels I've ever been in. I had two of my girls with me. We were in our jammies. Havin' a couple of cocktails. We turned the lights down low and let the evening commence in the way that evenings do for girls. We told secrets. Our deepest/darkest/funniest secrets. Secrets we swore to never tell so help us God or be struck dead with lightening and/or have all of our hair fall out. There was much "YOU DID?!?" and "With what???" and some of "He said that??!?!" and maybe a little gloating...along the lines of "YOU DID????!!!!" and "Oh my!!" There was much giggling. Let me say are never, ever, never to old to giggle with a bunch of girlfriends over cocktails and secrets.

It was a perfect night.

The next morning we woke up and went to Osan for a little more shopping and some lunch at Chili's. (chili's is THE PLACE to eat when you go to Osan. See, we are so starved for American food that when we walk into the only Chili's down there the Heavens open and a choir sings.) After lunch we headed home. Back to our families. Back to our lives. The great Ya-Ya weekend s officially over. It was back to the scaffolding watch. Dinners to make. Children and husbands to take care of. We were tired but happy. Closer in every possible way. The only thing missing was our Walker Jen...gallivanting all over Japan with her college buddy.

Sigh. Perfect. Simply perfect. :)
The End.


Chocolate Cat said...

Sounds like the most perfect weekend ever! Sigh! I think I need one of those..... Do hope it recharged your batteries!!

Leigh said...

Well done my friend! It was a fantastic weekend.