Thursday, April 10, 2008

Whoever invented spring break is the devil!

The person who decided that we needed a spring break must've been hittin' the ole crack pipe hard that day! Why do we need a week long break from sending the kids to school so that we can make breakfasts..lunches...dinners...beds..have laundry up the ying yang....give out money for all kinds of "wonderful" "fun" "exciting" things....hear them fight because they are bored...hear them fight over the tv..hear them fight over the computer...hear them fight because the person next to them is breathing loudly. AUGH!!!
I just looked in the computer room. I like to do a walk through to make sure no one is perusing porn. :) Yep, ever vigilant, that's me! Anyway, I went in there and my head popped off and went rolling out the door. My son, the fruit of my loins (do women even have loins??) made a mess in there and then went happily out to "hang". Oh he's gonna hang allrighty.
So is Mr. Let's Make Spring Break A Yearly Thing guy.


Kim West said...

I totally feel for you. Count your blessings though, it could be worse. It could be two weeks long - like ours.

Chocolate Cat said...

Give me the routine of a school term any time!!

Leigh said...

Who in their right mind would have a two week spring break! Break out the medication people!

Dawn - the week is over. All we need to get through is tomorrow and we will be very joyous on Monday doing the happy dance, you know, like on the first day of school!